<![CDATA[Yours Truly,<br />Epigramman - Poet's Journal]]>Thu, 25 Feb 2016 03:30:47 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[Who put her pretty feet into the witches brew?]]>Wed, 25 Feb 2015 14:22:37 GMThttp://epigramman.weebly.com/poets-journal/who-put-her-pretty-feet-into-the-witches-brew
She woke up

this morning

in agony and defeat.

This poor prima ballerina

had lost

both of her feet.

It seems that someone,

who shall remain nameless,

had cast a spell

in order to perform

any ballet

and dance it well.

The witches agreed

to her request

and prepared a brew

in exchange

for a trusty wart remover

and an IOU.

The new recipient danced

her way to the top

and made her claim

with a marathon

of pirouettes

and instant fame.

The only problem was obvious

and she could not


from ever stopping

the dizziness

of this perpetual spin.

So be careful for what you wish for

or you may lose

your breath

by rotating in one position


an imminent death.

Drinking from the witches brew

had backfired

leaving her with this curse

and meanwhile the prima ballerina

put her misfortunes

in reverse.

As a survivor

she was still an artist

who laid her soul bare

by adapting

a new choreography

from her wheelchair.

<![CDATA[The heart is a stranded vessel]]>Sun, 22 Feb 2015 15:00:11 GMThttp://epigramman.weebly.com/poets-journal/the-heart-is-a-stranded-vessel
The water level

is rising

as we stand up here

not knowing what's next

in our time

of fear.

My anxiety increases

as I see

a boat ahead.

It's a moment of joy

and also

a moment of dread.

My heart is beating


than I can talk.

My legs are getting numb,

I cannot


They literally push me,

head first,

into the boat

although this memory

stays with me

and will always float.

I want to die

right here

so don't take me.

Please wait

a bit more

or I'll never be free.

For this guilt will forever


in my burdened mind

on the sad day

we had to leave

our pets behind.


<![CDATA[The evil that marriage made me do]]>Tue, 17 Feb 2015 15:05:39 GMThttp://epigramman.weebly.com/poets-journal/the-evil-that-marriage-made-me-do
I buried the groom

and consummated

with the bride.

Two people

missed their honeymoon

when they both died.

My wife yelled

"Where the hell were you?

Your dinner got burned."

Of course with one eye gone

she should have just


to leave me


when I'm in this mood

and for crying out loud

now get me

my food.

I've got places to go

and things

to do

with an itinerary

of surprises

for people like you.

She doesn't question

my silence much


although putting up

with her

has become a chore.

When I make room

in the freezer

she'll find a new place

to reside

in storage

as a cold case.

I need to get my shit


and start a new week.

From Monday to Friday

I'm the one

that many clients seek.

I am a professional

in a suit

with a license too

as a marriage counsellor

to see your tough times


So please take my advice

and try to live

in peace

or the conflict

in your marriage

will never cease.

My home is now empty

without one single


and yet I can see the evil

that marriage

made me do.

<![CDATA[The sound of my heart brings only shame]]>Sun, 15 Feb 2015 20:02:23 GMThttp://epigramman.weebly.com/poets-journal/the-sound-of-my-heart-brings-only-shame
You may call me a coward

as I tried

to get away

but I'll never be a martyr

as I'll live

another day.

My bomb went off


to the master plan

killing every innocent

woman, child

and man.

Although there's another survivor

and the very reason

I'm alive.

He's totally unaware it was his own life

that I was trying

to deprive.

His body lay over mine

and had shielded me

from harm

and it sickened my very soul

to see

he was missing his right arm.

He reminded me of my late brother

who once got caught

by their surprise

and yet here I am

having sorrow for someone

I despise.

The sirens began to wail.

I had no feeling

in my feet.

If I'm unable to move

they'll claim victory

over defeat.

The young survivor

couldn't stop shaking

when he started to cry

and I wept openly too

as it was not my day

to die.


<![CDATA[Family reunion breakdown]]>Fri, 30 Jan 2015 14:41:51 GMThttp://epigramman.weebly.com/poets-journal/family-reunion-breakdown
With this ominous invitation

he did not


the burning odor

of a place

called eternal Hell.

Two families were waiting

for their revenge


By residing

in Hell,

they were badasses too.

The serial killer,

in question,

fried on the electric chair

and his body still smokin'

was stripped

completely bare.

This story began

several years


when two homes

were targeted

by a fire breathing foe.

They were eating dinner

when it happened

and also committing a crime.

Several children in the neighborhood


over time.

The arsonist was caught

and confessed

his remorse.

He really wanted to kill

innocent people

of course.

Both families were burnt


the first degree

and their hellish reunion

was not a pretty sight

to see.

Their guest of honor


all covered in soot

wearing nothing

but a smirk

and a birthday suit.


his wicked little grin

did not last.

The two families were cannibals

and they ate

real fast.

Even the devil

with the pitchfork

kept his back to the wall.

The buffet had just started

and their appetites

didn't stall.


<![CDATA[After all of life's trials]]>Thu, 29 Jan 2015 18:29:18 GMThttp://epigramman.weebly.com/poets-journal/after-all-of-lifes-trialsPicture
I'm 24 now

and I'm one needle


from seeking

the closure

of yesterday.

Of course in reference


was 10 years ago

when perhaps

I was too young

to really know

that grieving for my parents

would take some time

to mend.

I would have to learn


to become my own best friend.

The slide continued.

I was filled

with hate

for being left behind

as if it were

my fate.

To lose two parents

in one day

is too much for any child

and then the lack of discipline

was making me

increasingly wild.

I married someone

who bore

all of my scorn.

I wish that baby

had never

been born.

Misery led me

to the life of a junkie

for the last 4 four years.

I shook violently

for the next fix

to conquer my fears.

When my eyes

open again

I will see their smiles

back home

with my parents

after all of life's trials.


<![CDATA[Jesus had a dream]]>Thu, 29 Jan 2015 17:19:52 GMThttp://epigramman.weebly.com/poets-journal/jesus-had-a-dream
Jesus had a dream of returning one day

to a place ironically known

as the Holy Land.

It seemed like the right thing to do

along with the right timing too.

Upon his much anticipated resurrection

Jesus could once and for all

try to stop the continuing violence and hatred

which shattered the peace in this part of the world.

The fighting had gone on for far too long now

and something had to be done immediately.

Naturally Jesus wanted to cut to the proverbial chase

so he declined all talk show invitations,

put a hold on his new book

and delayed any future movie deals.

Most importantly he kept his agenda secret from the prying eyes and ears of CNN.

First of all to start this new day off on the right foot

Jesus indulged himself with a hearty breakfast.

As the wall of stone slid back

he appeared with a firm resolve and a dedicated conviction

to end this conflict and perhaps gain a few billion hits on You Tube.

Unfortunately for Jesus it was not meant to be.

When he approached two rival gangs who were taunting each other on a deserted street

the end would come real fast.

"In the name of God"

Jesus pleaded

"Please listen to me and stop this bloodshed right now!"

For one brief moment there was a stony silence.

"Well well well what do we have here?

It's some guy passing himself off as Jesus!"

replied one of the opposing troublemakers.

Yeah, an imposter!"

cried another.

One of the youths promptly hurled a stone

the size of a softball

which caught Jesus just above the temple of his eye

and it knocked him out instantly.

"Whoah, what the heck happened?"

Jesus screamed as he woke up

scratching his head.

It turned out to be just a bad dream

so Jesus went back to sleep

behind his entombed wall of stone.

And yes the violence still continues ............
<![CDATA[Vending machine blues]]>Thu, 29 Jan 2015 15:22:19 GMThttp://epigramman.weebly.com/poets-journal/vending-machine-blues
My life hangs

in the balance

as you must understand

when I am a slave

to supply

and economic demand.

I sit here everyday

and it's very painful

to see

every consumer who shows up

never picks someone

like me.

Of course with fierce competition

brand names

are often the key

so I am defeated by the yuck factor

leaving me behind

in misery.

The vending machine is now empty

and yes

I'm playing the blues.

All of the other tenants

are now gone

but that's just old news.

Chocolate bars, chips

and fresh mints

are always on their way

and yet here I am


destined to stay!

If it all comes down to taste

I'll be the last one

on the shelf.

So please do something


I have deteriorating mental health.


you'll never select me.

I'm not exactly dumb

when the name

they've chosen for me

is Black Tar chewing gum!

<![CDATA[The redemption of Missy and Jane]]>Thu, 29 Jan 2015 14:16:18 GMThttp://epigramman.weebly.com/poets-journal/the-redemption-of-missy-and-jane

Before I arrived


I once had a name

while being forced

into this animal shelter

brought misery and shame.

My future seemed bleak.

I could only


as one day after another


went by.

There are many others here

who suffer in silence

just like me

and we only want love

and the precious gift

to be free.

I'm really quite old now

so is this the end

of the line

or will I receive


and some kind of sign?

In the twilight of my years

I just need someone

to hold

ever since

my previous family

left me out in the cold.


Before I arrived


I had forgotten my name

while being forced

into this nursing home

brought misery and shame.

My future seemed bleak.

I could only


as one day after another


went by.

There are many others here

who suffer in silence

just like me

and we only want love

and the precious gift

to be free.

I'm really quite old now

so is this the end

of the line

or will I receive redemption

and some kind

of sign?

In the twilight of my years

I just need someone

to hold

ever since

my previous family

left me out in the cold.

Missy and Jane:

They rescued Missy the cat

and then she met


Some angels walk among us

so it's never

in vain.

Missy now lays

on the bed

with the blessings they'll keep


and purring

as both ladies fall asleep.


<![CDATA[Little girl of my heart]]>Wed, 28 Jan 2015 17:18:12 GMThttp://epigramman.weebly.com/poets-journal/little-girl-of-my-heart
I can't help

but gaze

at your curly hair

so I hope you please forgive me

if I continue

to stare.

Your little dress

reminds me of the one

I bought

as a younger man

with the same loving


Where is your mother


Are you all alone?

Your smile

and that laugh

puts me in a comfort zone.

I've been watching you

this week

through these lonely eyes

and if you heard my story

there would be no


I sit

at a safe distance

on this park bench

with my fingers


in a tight clench.

I'm a lost man

who is sick

from these feelings inside

with a broken weary heart

long since


I would love to walk over

and ask

your name.

If you say it's Sarah

then I'm glad

I came

and if my late wife

were here

she would surely know.

You just remind me

of the daughter

we lost over 50 years ago.